Submissions and reports

Comments on the Murrah Flora Reserves final draft working plan, January 2018 (PDF 750 kb)

Comments on the Saving our Species NSW Koala strategy, March 2017 (PDF 112 kb)

Comments on the draft Cooma Monaro Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management, October 2015 (PDF, 1 Mb)

Comments on the proposed “Active and adaptive cypress management in Brigalow and Nandewar State Conservation Areas” draft report, August 2014 (PDF, 112kb)

Comments on the proposed NSW coastal IFOA remake, April 2014. (PDF, 70kb)

Comments on the Australian Government’s draft koala referral guidelines, January 2014. (PDF, 2.4Mb)

Comments on the Protection of the Environment Operations (General) Amendment (Native Forest Bio-material) Regulation, 2013.(PDF, 7.3 Mb)

Comments on the Review of Environmental Factors for the proposed re-alignment of the Princes Highway at Dignams Creek (PDF, 19.1Mb)

Comments on the draft management plan for the ‘Yuin Mountains’ National Park (PDF, 1.35Mb)

Additional comments on the Dignams Creek Highway realignment concept design (PDF, 70kb)

Comments on the revised Dignams Creek Highway realignment concept design (PDF, 60kb)

Comments on the draft Catchment Action Plan-Dec 2012 (PDF, 280kb)

Comments on the draft Local Land Service Areas -Dec 2012 (PDF, 380kb)

Submission on the NSW Native vegetation review – PNF and koalas, 2012 (PDF,130kb)

Comments on the Australian Forestry Standard Review, 2012 (PDF, 108 kb)

Information and suggestions for the Bermagui Bioblitz, Compartment 2005 Bermagui SF, March 2012 (PDF, 313 kb)

Complaint to EPA about logging of Compartment 34 in East Boyd State Forest. Examines the use and adequacy of FNSW’s ‘Forest Types’ as opposed to the required ‘Floristic Assemblages’ and the inability of the Environment Protection Licence to demonstrate long term land productivity is being maintained. (PDF, 1.12 Mb)

Complaint re: Forests NSW’s logging plan in ‘Class B’ koala habitat in Nullica State Forest, approved 23 December 2011, for Compartments 600, 601 and 602 . (PDF, 1.01Mb)

Land degradation in the Murrah catchment. Part of a study undertaken by the then DLWC and now defunct far South Coast Total Catchment Management Committee. (PDF, 740kb)

Comments on Forests NSW’s Southern Brown Bandicoot survey methods and results. (PDF, 830kb)

Unpublished submission to the Senate Koala Inquiry about soil, habitat and aspects of the NSW Koala recovery plan yet to be achieved. (PDF, 2Mb)

Brief document highlighting concerns about logging in Cpt 2069 of Bermagui State Forest. (PDF, 930kb)

Supplementary complaint sent to the OE&H Forestry compliance unit (27 September 2011) about IFOA and F&NP breaches in Compartment 2002, Bermagui State Forest. (PDF, 225kb)

Fifth submission to the Senate Koala Inquiry, responding to Forests NSW answers to questions on notice and other NSW government koala information. (PDF, 1.1Mb)

Fourth submission to the Senate Koala Inquiry, looking at the koala surveys and data from the perspective of the NSW koala recovery plan. (PDF, 812kb)

Second submission to the Senate Koala inquiry with some bits omitted/censored. (PDF, 790kb)

“The adequacy of soil dispersion testing – a comparison of field test methods.” Using soil samples taken from different locations in Compartment 2001. (PDF, 2Mb)

Koala Extinction – Nullica SF and Curalo Lake catchment – Information requested by Forests NSW – March 2011. (PDF, 2.8Mb)

Submission to the Senate inquiry into koalas. (PDF, 780Kb)

Objections to Bega Shire Council’s proposed grant and loan to the Bermagui Shotgun Club. (PDF, 893Kb)

Comments on the NSW Forest Agreements and Integrated Forestry Operations Approvals review. (PDF, 256Kb)

Comments on the Forest Stewardship Council’s sustainable yield criteria 5.6 (PDF, 635Kb)

Complaint sent to relevant authorities on 4 August 2010 about past and proposed logging in Murrah and Mumbulla State Forests. (PDF, 4.4 MB)

Comments on the nomination to list the Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) as a threatened or conservation dependent species under the EPBC Act. (PDF, 1 MB)

Report on Biamanga Aboriginal Place and its management.(PDF, 0.85 MB)

Comments South East Fiber Exports forest furnace proposal. (PDF, 1 MB)

Comments on the adequacy of information in the Harvesting Plan for Compartments 2133-35, Mumbulla SF. (PDF, 1.8MB)

Letter to Australian Forestry Standard CEO re Forests NSW lies to the NSW Scientific Committee. (PDF, 14KB)

Comments on the progress of the NSW Regional Forest Agreements (PDF, 418KB)

Comments on the Federal review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. (PDF, 115KB)

Submission to the Royal Commission into the 2009 Victorian Bushfires. (PDF, 5.1MB)

Comments on the Mimosa Rocks National Park Plan of Management. (PDF, 15kb)

Submission to the Garnaut review on Forestry and land use. (PDF, 31kb)

Comments on the draft Koala management framework. (PDF, 29kb)

Submission to the Garnaut review on forestry aspects of an Emissions Trading Scheme. (PDF, 72 kb)


Eden Region Forest Agreement – Background documents

Soil chemist Ian Little’s comments on the NSW Environment Protection Agency’s 1996 workshop on soils, when the notion of soil dispersion was introduced into forestry’s Environment Pollution License. (PDF, 34 kb)

Murrah-Mumbulla Residents Group, comments on the adequacy of soil and water information in the 1994 EIS for the Eden Management Area. (PDF, 117kb)

Murrah soil data – Ian Little, 1994 (PDF 620kb)

Evidence Of Massive Landscape Change Unearthed – CSIRO press release on outcomes of sediment studies in the Murrah River-1999. (PDF, 52 kb)

Eden RFA project summaries – includes ‘Net Harvest Area based on current prescriptions’ (NE12-FRA) that shows Forests NSW’s former Preferred Management Priority areas like Biamanga Aboriginal Place. (PDF, 680kb)

The effects of deforestation on timber volumes, areas logged and associated climate change issues: A community review of the Eden Regional Forest Agreement. (PDF, 181kb)

Reductions in wood resources – Eden Management Area. (PDF, 56kb)

Koala documents

Koala survey results – June 2016


Interim Working Plan for the Murrah Reserves (PDF 1,223kb)

Application for the ‘Corridors and Core habitat for koalas on the far south coast’ project (PDF. 358kb)

The ‘South Coast Koala Management Framework’ produced by Eco-logical (2006) but not taken up by the NSW Government. ( PDF, 1.8Mb)

Report on the first regularised grid-based sampling undertaken in Mumbulla State Forest, Biolink (2007) – a Pilot Study. (PDF, 1.3Mb)

Interim report on RGBSAT surveys in Mumbulla, Murrah and Bermagui State Forests, produced by the OE&H (2010). (PDF, 650kb)

A statistical analysis of relationships between Koala occupancy and tree habitat in the Bermagui / Murrah area, NSW, ANU May 2010. (PDF, 672kb)

DECCW (OE&H) draft report on koala ‘populations’ in south east NSW prepared for the Threatened Species Scientific Committee- January 2010. (PDF, 2.5Mb)

Nutritional ecology of the Mumbulla koala- Spatial variation in habitat quality effects fine-scale resource use by a low-density koala population Honours thesis summary, Eleanor Stalenberg, June 2010. (PDF, 730 Kb)

Endangered Population Nomination for koalas between Dignams and Wapengo, 2001. (PDF, 345kb)

Final determination of the NSW Scientific Committee, 2007 (PDF, 23kb)

The River Restoration Framework – Scientifically based management proposed for the catchments from Dignams to Wapengo in 2001. Supported by the CSIRO (Land & Water) but rejected by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. (PDF, 590kb)

Scanned letter from the Federal government (2001) confirming that a scientifc approach is/was not consistent with NSW’s koala recovery plan (jpeg, 810kb)

State Forests of NSW koala Management Plan: Eden Management Area 1997. (PDF 4.7Mb)

Analysis of data associated with habitat utilisation by koalas in the Bermagui-Murrah area of south-eastern New South Wales, Phillips, 1997. (PDF, 405 kb)

Distribution surveys and management recommendations for the koala (Phascolarctos cinerius) in the Numerella area. Allen, C. and Pietsch, R. 1999. NPWS Southern Zone, PO Box 2115 Queanbeyan NSW 2620

Media, documents and maps

Evaluation of Tolerable Erosion Rates and Time to Critical Topsoil Loss in Australia:
Elisabeth N. Bui, Gary J. Hancock, Adrian Chappell, Linda J. Gregory May 2010 (PDF, 3.36Mb)

Sodicity – a dirty word in Australia, Australian Academy of Sciences, posted 1999.

Subsurface lateral flow in texture-contrast (duplex) soils and catchments with shallow bedrock. M.A. Hardie et al. (2012) , Applied and Environmental Soil Science Volume 2012

“Lines on Maps: Defining Resource Governance Regions from the ‘Bottom-Up” (Brunkhurst and Reeve, 2006) highlighting how current Catchment Management areas are not consistent with social, economic or environmental realities. Hence, in their current form, Catchment Management Authorities are unrepresentative and ineffective. (PDF, 370kb)

“Sustainability of eucalypt plantations in Australia is failing.” The author of this article is Sadanandan Nambiar, now retired, was a Chief Research Scientist in the former CSIRO Division of Forestry and Forest Products.

Bushire CRC Firenote 79 , Jurskis and Wamsley, indicating the existence of maps, suppressed by the NSW government, showing extent of DADD in NSW.

“Like a voice in the wilderness” Article in the Canberra Times about ANU forest ecologist Professor David Lindenmayer’s work on forest degradation and his call for an immediate review of the Regional Forest Agreements. Written by Rosslyn Beeby, 17 Sep, 2011.

Options Forestry – Acting on Uncertainty, a management approach proposed for BMAD Bormann 2004 (2 Mb)

Timeline of south coast Aboriginal contact with Europeans pre 1830 til 1997 -Compiled by Andrea Powell as part of a Master of Arts degree. (PDF, 87Kb)

Flora and Fauna survey of the Jingo Creek Catchment, Nullica State Forest – Eden Region – F. Fanning and S. Clark (1991) on behalf of Gunninah Consultants for the NSW Forestry Commission (PDF, 11.47Mb)

Map of pre-woodchipping logging history in Mumbulla State Forest (JPEG, 1.43 MB)

 FOFF old news til 2012 (PDF, 130 Kb)

Logging Plans and maps

First Harvesting Plan for Cpts 74&78 also first indicating Myrtle rust is an issue in Bega Shire.

Harvesting Plan for Cpt 2405, 2407, 2408 Tantawangalo, (Approved 2 May 2012) indicating how Forests NSW has sought approval to log a Travelling Stock Route and claimed it occupies 18.4 hectares. If the LHPA approved this logging it seems likely that areas of the South East National Park will also be logged.

Harvesting Plan for Cpts 2102 & 2104 Tanja SF, (Approved 23 May 2012) No koala surveys despite previous (1992) Rod Kavanagh record and being on Murrah Soil landscape, new stream crossing without road and mapped watercourse has been deleted. Forest type map shows several FT’s in Cpe 3 although 1993 HP for coupe indicates it’s all FT 123 Coastal Stringybark – now there is no FT 123 anywhere. ( PDF, 2.4Mb)

Harvesting Plan for Cpt 740 Nullica SF, (Approved July 2012), Smokey Mouse exclusion area (Coupe 4) logged in 1999. Three new stream crossings on ‘unmapped’ streams to be constructed and roads not indicated. (PDF, 2.6Mb)

Locality and Harvesting Plan Of Operations maps Cpt 2005 (PDF, 1.29Mb)

Harvesting Plan (Thinning) for Cpt 2005 (Approved November 2008) (PDF 163Kb)

Harvesting Plan for Cpt 34, East Boyd SF, apparently not consistent with IFOA and raising issues regarding site productivity and the use of ‘Forest Types’. Another Cpt with koala record. Approved 21 February 2012 (PDF1.84 Mb)

Compartment 968 what should be Class A Koala in Yurammie SF, approved for logging 16 January 2012. Surrounded by koala records, plan indicates Cpt 985 is Lot 50 (Private Property) on PP roading map.

Compartments 600, 601 and 602 – Nullica State Forest. Approved 23 December 2011. (PDF, 3.76 Mb)

Plan of operations, February, 2012. Indicates Cpt 985, not on annual plan and with koala record. Approved for roading to access Cpt 968 (PDF, 20kb)

Proposed logging Eden, 2011-2012 (PDF, 25kb)

Harvesting Plan Compartments 2051 & 2052 Murrah State Forest  (PDF, 17.5 Mb)

Harvesting Plan Compartments 2032 & 2035 Murrah State Forest (PDF, 1.44 Mb)

Page modified January 2018.

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