Fire – shooting and a little co-incidence

Life is riddled with co-incidences and after a week of very hot weather and with East Gippsland ablaze, the NSW Government have announced the State Forests, including Bermagui, Murrah, Mumbulla and Tanja, that will again be opened for amateur hunter come February.

The co-incidence is FCNSW’s Operations Manager Mr Martin ‘needs a good hot burn’ Lineham whom I mentioned in the recent letter to FCNSW re the exclosure.

This week Mr Linehan put out a press release and spoke on ABC radio about a ‘firebreak’ they’ve got down at Womboyn to protect the community from a fire that Mr Linehan may or may not have lit.

This time it isn’t one of Mr Linehan’s fires that is out of control, as indicated in the graphic below showing the area of current fires that extends from the tablelands to the coast. While it’s a long way to Wonboyn, it is all forest and the only thing that will stop it from getting to Wonboyn is plenty of rain.



Available on Greens MP David Shoebridge’s website is a FCNSW report on a risk analysis of amateur shooting in State Forests that doesn’t do much to instill confidence but, on a positive note, it does seem to confirm again that FCNSW’s feral animal control program is less than effective.

Mr Linehan attended both of the workshops for the risk assessment and I’ve got a feeling, if there is further correspondence on the exclosure from FCNSW that isn’t legal action, it may come from Mr Linehan.



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