Die-back deniers – united may they fall

After finally sending off a letter to FCNSW, revised and padded out with a few more facts given Mr Tuan has only recently been parachuted into the situation, it was interesting to read an article by Matthew Raggart in the Canberra Times providing an update on koala issues.

OE&H’s Koala recovery officer Chris Allen still reckons there could be an increase in koala activity  in some areas and this outweighs the decrease in others areas but  ‘the population estimate of 60 by conservationists was ”probably in the right ballpark”. Problem is given the various grid sizes being employed in the surveys, certainty is greatly reduced and I’m not sure which conservationists he’s talking about.

The perceived increase in koala numbers is put down to better rainfall and an absence ‘natural and human-controlled impacts’ such as bushfires and logging, but why this hasn’t helped the Tanatwangalo koalas for example, isn’t explained. 


What can help explain the koala extinction process is FCNSW’s maps of die-back as indicated in the map above of the modeled forest in the exclosure, except for the areas indicated as having a low probability  of decline at lower topographies, because these are subject to long term decline with BMAD.

According Mr Tuan, selective logging will be ‘renewed’ and by the end of June several thousand hectares will be included into extended koala protection zones. If this is to be believed, it is a step up from the proposed 2,800 ha although it won’t make much difference while FCNSW control the management.

SEFE’s Peter Rutherford also gets a say indicating they don’t cut down Forest Red Gum, one expects mostly because the species don’t grow on State Forests, or Woollybutt or Ironbark but neglects to mention these species are cut for firewood, by SEFE crews.


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