Wanted – good neighbors for koalas and people

In an attempt to finish the year on a positive note and keep communication open, another letter has been drafted for the Forestry Corporation regarding their request to remove the fence.

I’m assuming they are all on the usual festive season break so there’s no rush but issues include the concern that who-ever put together the current ‘Koala Corridors and Core habitat’ project did not adequately consider the funding guidelines.

Also and consistent with FCNSW’s ‘Good neighbour” policy I’ve requested a detailed response from Mr Tuan explaining how fulfilling his request will help koalas, allay community concerns about die-back and what strategies they are proposing, other than business as usual.

wet koala

I wonder if koalas did look like the photo-shopped one above whether terms like ‘cute’ would be used so much but, the tree it’s in appears to be a Wild Cherry (Exocarpus compressiformis) that, according to koala recovery officer Chris Allen, is poorly associated with evidence of koalas.

What Chris is yet to take on is the review of their data finding that unlike other bio-regions, tree species cannot be used to determine koala habitat and this is why koalas should be listed as endangered, something Chris has always opposed.

It seems realistic to assume that, like the other issues, until the OE&H take them on FCNSW  have no need to.


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