NSW Government – Saving our Species – while pulling in different directions

NSW Environment Minister Robyn Parker has announced a new program called ‘Saving our Species‘  and in the forward acknowledges ” . . . We cannot do this alone. Achievement of this ambitious goal will take strong leadership from the government; reliable scientific knowledge and evidence; and new and innovative programs in which every tier of government, every environmental agency and organisation, every school, and every volunteer and landholder are pulling together in the same direction.

Minister Parker goes on the add ” The Saving our Species program provides
opportunities to trial innovative approaches such as creating secure terrestrial islands, to learn more about threatened species by researching threats to their survival, to work together on threatened species projects and to share knowledge and experience.”

So it was interesting, given koalas are one of only four ‘iconic species’ under the program, to get a response re the local ‘secure terrestrial island’ from FCNSW‘s Mr Danial Tuan, still based on the erroneous 2002 assessment, suggesting they have no reference to an occupation permit and reiterating  the structure be removed.

I suppose it will require another letter but State Forests offer of an occupation permit was made in June 2003, a year after the erroneous assessment Mr Tuan is so keen to rely on.


There are four baby swallows currently stuffed into the nest made some years ago above the upstairs door, the parents second brood for the year after already successfully rearing three in the first brood.

The orangy/yellow colour on either side of the nest is a clay slurry I put there when the nest detached from the timber, saving the babies, the chore of making a new nest and I like to think generally pulling in the same direction.


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