Koalas chained to poor culture

Wrapping up state government issues for the year I’ve sent a brief note to ‘Corridors and Core Koala habitat’ project manager Michael Saxon, attaching the recent letter to FCNSW’s Mr Tuan and soil survey data, just in case he hasn’t seen them.

Also a letter to the Narooma News ( not online) contrasting Mr Tuan’s information with the Harvesting Plan and referring to the “viney scrub” that aren’t acknowledged as areas where eucalypts don’t regenerate. 

Printed online is a letter from Sean Burke of Tilba who hadn’t heard of cutting down trees for firewood before and asks ” . . . why are we cutting down perfectly good trees in Narooma and trucking them as far as Pambula so that they can be cut up for firewood and probably then trucked to Canberra or some other distant place to be sold?”

Why they are cutting down perfectly good trees for firewood is to corner the market with a certified supply source, now that they have finally slowed down the illegal firewood collection, although there is an argument that environmental outcomes have not improved.

Locally the future for Forestry is closely linked to the proposed new Aboriginal Cultural Heritage (ACH) Act,  features of which will be maps where the intent is to “celebrate, promote, protect and better manage Aboriginal cultural values in NSW”.

From that perspective it would seem more appropriate to work on a strategy to restore all forests between Tathra and Tilba as delineated by the purple line on their map, rather than focus the ‘corridors and cores’ thing that, because it won’t  help koalas, is also unlikely to improve management of Aboriginal cultural values.

kproject area







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