Unsustainable logging – where it comes from

In the news this week South East Forest Rescue held up logging in Boyne SF for while after attaching cables to logging machinery and platforms up trees with a couple of the more intrepid on them.

SEFR’s Lisa Stone pointed to a lack of public trust in FCNSW and called on the NSW Gov ‘to put into place proper procedure for enacting the Commonwealth’s plan to exit native forest logging.’

Naturally Forestry Corporation southern regional manager Daniel Tuan said the operations were legal which isn’t the same as sustainable but as indicated in the NSW land class table below, the regulators think all land is considered suitable for forestry.


The current FCNSW Environment Protection Licence only aims to protect water quality and while there are some positive signs, it’s yet to be seen whether the ‘rewriting’ of the IFOA will account for the soil degradation that is occurring naturally but, is greatly enhanced when most of the trees are cut down and all of the runoff is directed onto the logged area.

Also this week the NSW gov has responded to the recommendations from the ‘Management of public land in NSW ‘ inquiry deciding not to support a moratorium on the creation of new National Parks (locally it would mean the RMS couldn’t offset their highway re-alignment), or tenure swaps between State Forests and National Parks to augment timber supplies.

Exactly what, apart from increasing logging on private land, the NSW gov will do to get around the timber supply issue remains unknown but the approach may be like koalas, do nothing and hope the problem goes away. 


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