Koala progress report – for non-key stakeholders

Thanks to the Commonwealth Freedom Of Information Act, the NSW Government’s application for Biodiversity Trust funding , attached map showing the ‘primary project area’ etc. along with a progress report and budget for the $4million Corridor and core koala habitat project are publicly available.

There are also two maps with the progress report, one that is quite blurry and generally unreadable and the other that comes closer to covering the ‘primary project area‘ pasted below .

Progress report Att A

According to the progress report, dated March 2013 all 480 of the plots proposed for State Forests had been undertaken by February this year, finding koala evidence in an area larger than they had anticipated. However as indicated on the map koala activity areas have disappeared from two of the originally proposed moratorium areas in Murrah SF and a closer inspection finds activity levels from remining plots undertaken during 2007-2009 have been changed.

The 2,800 hectares of logging and burning exclusion areas are supposed to be formalized through changes to the IFOA but this apparently dependent on ‘a solution under this proposal which meets timber supply’ – so the chance that these areas will not be logged seem quite low.

The application suggests “It is also intended that the EPA in collaboration with the relevant land managers and community will draft a Koala Management Plan for the area utilising the information from the monitoring.”

The progress report suggests they would be having three meetings before June 2013 with ‘Key stakeholders who have previous interest and involvement in the timber harvesting in koala habitat issue.’ 

Apart from forestry and the loggers I’m not sure who the key stakeholders would include because it certainly doesn’t include all landholders within the ‘primary area’ or those in the CMA’s proposed re-vegetation areas or those with koala activity areas on their land.














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