Forestry spit dummy – lands in OE&H’s lap

FCNSW Southern region manager Daniel Tuan has responded to my latest letter, requesting I remove the fence or ‘structure’ from Mumbulla SF. While such a request can be expected what’s interesting is that Tuan relies entirely on what he refers to as an ‘independent evaluation’ that I have never seen and that in fact is an internal government document.

Some years later however, just before FCNSW’s failed attempts to log in Murrah SF. I had a visit from DPI’s Principal Auditor – Compliance, Mr Rey Caldwell who appeared a bit introspective when told I’d not seen the document and indeed did not, as apparently suggested in the misinformation, own all or any properties along the Murrah River. Mr Caldwell found no concerns with the management or administration of the project and complimented the book keeper.

As FCNSW are partners with the OE&H and the EPA in the ‘Corridors and Core koala’ project, I began correspondence with Mike Saxton who isn’t aware of the report, no response from Chris Allen, as well as clarify concerns about discrepancies in the koala activity information.

The discrepancies are all over the place but by way of example, the two graphics below are of the same location and the upper one, exclusively available on the SERCA website is supposed to represent the same records (red dots) as the lower graphic from the 2009 interim report except there are only two and these are in a different location.

Active dis


So the current situation is FCNSW saying only one compartment in Bermagui SF was logged and the OE&H are saying koala activity areas have either disappeared or moved.

The other issue is of course die-back so it’s also not surprising that partners in the latest koala project haven’t considered it and perhaps adds to reasons why a response is yet to appear.




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