No koalas in Death Valley

A correspondent to the Narooma News this week questioned whether our current member Dr Mike Kelly was fit to be in Parliament after suggesting that ” . . . unless the Rudd government was returned to implement its climate change policies then the climate would spin out of control and the Snowy Mountains would become the “Sandy Mountains”, the Bega valley would turn into a new Death Valley, and the Sapphire Coast would turn into the “Saline Coast”.

Also in the News is an article on the Bermagui Crossing Land Education Trust’s koala recovery efforts where president David Newell says . . . “These eucalypt plantings will provide two locally endangered koala populations with access to higher nutrient browse and potential fire refuges due to the relatively fertile soil substrates along the Bermagui and Coolagolite rivers,”

Thanks to the realizing how the Forestry Corp created its eucalypt die-back maps, a ‘deh’ moment, and the wonders of technology it’s possible to recreate them as depicted in the graphic of the Bermagui River catchment below, that includes Coolagolite Creek.

bermi db

About 40% of the remaining forest (6,300 ha) is in the ‘high disposition to decline’ category and all up about 70% is in trouble.

At a national scale the Greens are proposing to ‘Fund comprehensive studies to identify and map important habitat’ and  ‘Protect that habitat through bio-regional plans’ although this proposal tends to fall down locally because the Bega Greens don’t do bioregions or die-back, think koalas are everywhere and know little about soils. 

With the environment rapidly drying out, due in part to the very low rainfall over the past couple of months, without adequate rain the Death Valley scenario of another extensive canopy die-back event is inevitable, even though many prefer and are not required to consider or plan for this potential outcome – yet.     


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