A sustainable soil recovery

While slowly dreaming up comments on the proposed inclusion of forest waste for power generation, the big issue is the link or lack of it, to sustainable land management.

As part of its ‘Q&A’ on burning biomass, the EPA indicates that ” . . .  The Government is remaking the Integrated Forestry Operations Approvals in coastal NSW, after which it will undertake a major review of the Private Native Forestry Code of Practice. These reviews will not erode environmental values and continue to deliver a balance between maintaining environmental values and ensuring a sustainable timber supply.”

Having had a bit of a whinge on the issue in a letter to the local rag, the NCC has released a submission guide correctly pointing out that burning waste from sawmills is already permitted and adds that ‘. . . Many of our forests have been severely degraded by past logging and wood-chipping, they need time and help to recover, not a new and even more destructive industry.’

The problem is that time won’t really help forests to recover because of what has been and is happening to soils over many decades.


Working locally on helping forests to recover, and it’s gratifying to get the first shot of a young female grey kangaroo utilizing a wombat gate, it is clear that the approach the NSW government takes to soils needs a serious challenge.

ABCSE radio provides some detail on the current approach to soils and it’s just a question of linking these inadequacies to environmental values like water, flora and fauna, by August 20 when the submission period closes.



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