Growing trees – part of history

Lawyers for Forests, with input from others including the South East Conservation Alliance have released a report titled ‘One Stop Chop: How Regional Forest Agreements streamline environmental destruction‘ that summarizes some of the short comings with the Regional Forest Agreements between the state and federal governments.

Naturally in a broad report details can be missed and one such detail is reference to a court case stemming from logging in Cpt 2002 in Bermagui SF where charges were dismissed but as we now know, due to the lack of enforcement of the RFA, in particular the methods to determine forest resources, the Forestry Corporation claims logging did not take place.

On federal issues yesterday Clean Energy for Eternity held a “meet the candidates’ forum at the Bermagui Country Club. Unfortunately due to nasty lurg attending was not on the agenda so the opportunity to raise the issue was missed.

However, pro-logging Bermagui resident Justin Law was someone who may have attended and in a letter to the Bega District News on Friday Mr Law made reference to ‘bell-birds’ sick forest’ and ‘biomass energy to reduce our reliance on brown coal power stations’. All issues that SERCA either don’t talk about or are completely opposed to.

bega bg

Associated with this opposition and as pictured above ABCSE facebook reports Bega Shire Council have begun to cut down the Sydney blue gums (E saligna) in the center of Bega. Not native to the area these trees were planted because detrimental soil changes mean the original native species Forest Red Gum, no longer thrive in the region and tragically, it seems unlikely any other tree they plant will grow as big as the blue gums did.  

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