Incentives for new enterprise and a Pandechinus(?)

News that the NSW Government is proposing to scrap both the Native Vegetation and Threatened Species Acts,  based on the notion that “NSW farmers are the best environmental stewards in the world.” and streamline the Planning process to accommodate, seems to be the way all State Governments are moving.

On the conservation side the SMH report ” . . . Jeff Angel, executive director of Total Environment Centre, says: “We are on the slippery slope towards major environmental destruction. The O’Farrell Government’s claim that they want to develop best practice bushland and threatened species protection legislation, and integrate with the Planning Act, is laughable.”

Jeff may be right, certainly on the grazing and shooting issues but what the conservation movement is quiet about is National Parks management, particularly when it is supported by the logging industry as indicated in my most recent letter to the Bega District News.

In Victoria after years of campaigning by many community groups and individuals to save the species under the heading “Loggers entrusted with possums’ survival” the Age reports ” . . . Future of endangered Leadbeater’s possum in hands of new government taskforce headed by Association of Forest Industries and Zoos Victoria.”

Locally it’s been apparent for sometime that the Government proposes business as usual ASAP so rather than wait, my business plan aimed ultimately at forest restoration, has been approved under the Federal government’s New Enterprise Incentive Scheme, essentially the dole for a few months to set up a business.



It’s a three pronged thing the first being making and attempting to sell a limited number of  small products from a range of local timbers sourced through ethical salvage, like the candle holders and letter openers above – from eight tree species. The other two are completing the exclosure area and working with others to encourage local government to increase recycling and generally improve waste biomass management.

What it comes to is anyone’s guess but  it’s been a great year for Antechinuses, particularly the Dusky ones (Antechinus swansonii) that are generally uniform in colour although the fuzzy shot below is of one sitting in the chook’s feed bowl, as you would, but uniquely it has white fur across it’s back, roughly in the shape of a quarter moon.




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