No forest reference points – a pointer to low accountability?

As part of informing (?) the new ‘Local Land Services’, covering an area close to 400 km long and 200 km wide, the Southern Rivers CMA is asking those who participated in the CAP to provide feed back on the process. So I’ll be suggesting that while it was an opportunity to engage with others, this engagement didn’t include anyone from the CMA.

Indeed while eucalyptus die-back ranks a mention on the tablelands in the final Catchment Action Plan much like the Yuin Mountains plan of management  there is no reference to die-back in coastal forests, just the following description.

Forested landscape
Key function: Provision of ecosystem services, National park or State forest, Forestry production, Habitat for plants and animals, Landscape connectivity, Carbon capture, Resilience challenges: Climate change

One of the maps associated with the CAP called the River Priorities map indicates Knights Creek catchment, just upstream from here and almost entirely in Mumbulla State Forest, as being a priority to maintain in good condition.

Co-incidentally the small area at the lower end of the catchment on private land is where I took the photo below, although I guess its condition, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. 

Knight creek

A review of the CAP undertaken by the Natural Resources Commission (NRC) recommends – ”  . . . To improve the upgraded CAP, the Catchment Management Authority (CMA) should: develop reference points against which progress towards CAP targets will be measured, to further improve accountability for delivering outcomes.”

While one expects the NPWS and the Forestry Corp are happy that there is lack of forest health reference points there is also a small benefit from knowing that to date, only the Roads and Maritime Services have shown any accountability on the matter.   



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