Forestry Corp – koala requests and dislikes

As part of their increasingly bizarre approach to community consultation the Forestry Corporation have written to the Nature Conservation Council indicating they are planning forestry activities (logging) in Glenbog State Forest and asking if they have any information that may be of interest, in addition to the koala records they placed in and around the compartments years ago.

While the source of the original records is of interest the point of putting them there was part of attempts to prove a contiguous koala population along the east coast and tablelands. The ellipses in the map are based on the KRO’s private submission to the Senate inquiry except on the tablelands it has been extended north up to Queanbeyan and on the coast extended south to Tanja State Forest.

If the northern spread of tablelands koalas is consistent with their southward expansion there seems no reason why koalas would not now be in Glenbog SF, although if there are koalas it’s a good bet the Forestry Corporation won’t find them.

glenbog comps

After a nudge the Auditor General has finally responded to my letter sent in February indicating the financial audit of ‘State Forests’ (bit behind the times) does not normally include seeking information on operational matters like the implementation of FRAMES inventory. So unlike other companies the FC does not require an inventory of growing or standing stock to demonstrate an ability to meet contractual arrangements, although I’m not sure how that sits with their obligations under the Corporations Act.

Final bad news is Bega Shire Council have deferred their decision on the Shotgun Club but they will get their extra day a month for training and hopefully there will be few participants.

More positive is confirmation that Bettongs are being bred very close to here opening the possibility to locally source this species for the exclosure area, when eventually completed.


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