Human factors affecting Koalas and their management

After an unsuccessful field trip earlier this year, following up a definite recording of a koala probably from somewhere else, the Eurobodalla Koalas project have recently had another field trip out to Bendethra Mountain, centrally located in the Deua wilderness.

The surveys are based on the hypothesis that ” . . . the extant forests of the Eurobodalla will sustain a revived low density koala population if newly specified protected home range habitat and connectivity corridors for breeding are in place across the Shire.’

However, GIS volunteer and co-author of the Eurobodalla koala report Dr David Bulman poses these questions “Have we tested the right construct? For example if the habitat is there and the koalas aren’t, what other factors are in play?

While I expect other factors may eventually be on the agenda, it does seem to be another example of people believing that if they specify what koala habitat is and protect it from logging, there is no reason why koalas should not be there.

Closer to home Fridays Bega News printed a letter in which Mr Justin Law starts with ‘Robert Bertram makes an outrageously false statement in his letter (BDN, 7/5)’.

It’s true I did push things a bit with the comment ‘ . . . it is common knowledge that all animals die as a result of integrated logging’ although that was certainly the case when woodchipping started and it’s only threatened species that get extra protection, if they are located.

Pointing to the science behind current management Justin goes on with – ‘ He has ignored such historic notables as Charles Darwin in his bewilderingly unresearched statements about the habits of Aboriginal firestick land management.’  although any relevance to Darwin is unclear.

On the generally bewildering management issue the Forestry Corp did eventually return my call and I explained to Mr Tuan that I do have questions about the information he sent but am still waiting on a response from the Auditor General and thought I’d let him know because time is dragging on.

Also mentioned the occupation permit I applied for in for Mumbulla SF some years back, suggested the issues standing in the way were now resolved and asked if he could put me onto someone to speak to about it. Their Land Administration Officer is a Mr Steven Dwight who is back to work this week when I’ll try to contact him.


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