Assisting improved and transparent waste management

After some very welcome soaking rain, the BDN reports the newly elected Bega Shire Council has jumped straight into the NBN Co’s proposed use of land and the upgraded Wanatta Lane at the unwelcome Central Waste Facility (CWF), that is currently under construction.

The proposal was for Council to hear the matter in closed session, however Greens Councillor Keith Hughes suggested “We have a responsibility to the public for transparency.”

Having recently criticized the Bega Greens and SERCA on the koala issue and can see room for increased responsibility and accountability as well, whether or not NBN Co use a bit of Council land seems secondary to local and broader concerns about whether the CWF should be built at all.

The alternative, localized waste management, given available the technology, is a far better option but, relies on an integrated approach. For example clearing under power lines and ‘waste biomass’ from it was referred in a post back in  December last year, these operations are still continuing. Council have been spraying and ‘ shredding’ roadside vegetation with their brutal machine and Roads and Maritime Services will soon announce the area of Kooraban National Park, rumored to be 80ha., to be cleared for the Princes Hwy re-alignment at Dignams Creek.

An integrated local approach to all waste and biomass management would reduce the duplication and significant costs inherent in all of these groups doing their own thing, better standards for the management of native vegetation could ensue and local employment created.

Coincidently, the Review of Environmental Factors for the Wanatta lane widening was produced by Ecological (Aust) who also produced the “Far South Coast Koala Management Framework“.

The latter remains publicly available but the former has apparently been reclassified as ‘internal’ and removed from Council’s website, so for the purposes of public transparency this link is to copy on the blog.



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