Acceptable standards for koalas

As expected the inclusion of the terms “catchments, soil landscapes and may burn” was not acceptable to the Australian Forestry Standard so I’ve put in another submission on their 5 year review. Not that I think the AFS will incorporate these words as the koala recovery officer Chris Allen doesn’t find them acceptable either.

However, the idea behind ‘covering processes’ relates back to the words of Magistrate Bone at the court case at Bega, after logging was successfully stopped in Murrah SF during 2005. Mr Bone suggested such issues were dealt with in other forums. Seven years on it’s difficult to find where koalas, catchments, soil landscapes or may burn are considered at either a national or local scale.

So while the state government makes their mind up about how to define koala habitat, log around it and retain credibility, some information has surfaced on the South Coast koala habitat project, run by Chris Allen.

A recent article on the Arts4Agricutlure blog indicates the purpose of the koala surveys is to “try to gauge the current population levels” and “the main areas where they inhabit” and they survive because of  “a unique ability to forage an existence in this ‘marginal’ country by having unique genes and an inherited knowledge of country and place.”

While there is an argument that an understanding of soil landscapes and catchments provides a sounder scientific basis on why and where koalas still exist , Chris Allen refused to support the nomination, doesn’t believe soil fertility has reduced anywhere but has stated koalas may only have a few years to survive due to die-back and supports trans-locating ‘genetic bottleneck’ koalas.

After the recent sighting of mother and joey koala, Allen rang my neighbor and suggested FNSW are going to log everywhere.

Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon got it right with her comment back in May this year that along with logging “Public money is now being spent on a misguided biodiversity project”.

So I trust, as Senator Rhiannon is currently visiting the region, that she reiterates these views, understands logging isn’t the only threat and isn’t misled about why koalas are where they are.


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