Extinction and administrative decisions

Reported in an ABC AM story, the CSIRO are predicting the likelyhood of significant changes to habitats and species extinctions by 2030 due to the added stress from climate change. Environment Minister Tony Burke indicated they ‘did the right thing in putting a focus on threatened species’ but, stated ‘if you want the protection to be real rather than token, you either do it on scale or you know it’s going to end up being vulnerable.’

Based on the information to date, the NSW Government’s tokenistic approach to koalas means as Burke added ” We’re potentially missing out on putting effort into maintaining the health of ecosystems on a much broader scale.”

In a recent SMH report and to their credit,  the NSW Nature Conservation Council has been successful at the Administrative Decisions Tribunal, extracting information on timber resources from Forests NSW. Only the industry and FNSW were opposed to the release of the information.

As I see it, a spin off from the ADT’s detailed decisionfor the public good, is  the possibility of extracting Forests NSW’s information on dieback, that apparently the NPWS and the RFS also have access to.

As indicated in a letter to the Narooma News (not online yet), if this information has not been provided to the Biamanga and Gulaga boards of management, it’s difficult to believe the Koori’s aren’t being exploited, in order to provide tacit endorsement of current management.

In that regard, The Habitat Advocate have recently published a detailed critique of NPWS’s hard handed management at a state level and when we add failing to adequately inform the management boards and the community with the koala issue, it’s not a good look.


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