What koalas and potoroos prefer

Apparently recovering from her ‘koalas like logging’ gaff NSW Environment Minister Robyn Parker has released what is said to be the first footage, of a wild Long-nosed Potoroo and joey, taken during surveys in Ben Boyd NP. The purpose of the surveys is to “measure the impact of a decade-long fox-baiting program in Ben Boyd National Park compared with the coastal wilderness of Nadgee Nature Reserve where there has been no long-term fox baiting.”

Mike Saxton is yet to respond to my query about the purpose of the genetic analysis and the koala surveys, although economic stakeholders, Timber Communities Australia -SENSW, amongst other things, also seem a bit concerned about the lack of information coming from the NSW gov on the koala issue.

Most of the forests koalas occupy have been surveyed over the past five years and the consistent feature with these areas is that they haven’t been logged or burned for at least 20 years. The most recent sighting of the koala with a joey  was in an area of Mumbulla SF that hasn’t been logged or burned for over 30 years.

As social commentators acknowledge logging as the only  threat and the OE&H & Forests NSW do the same, it’s possible that information on what koalas apparently prefer is simply not considered.

However, if we put a twenty year time frame on logging or burning before the area is again suitable for koalas and accounting for the Bermagui logging/burning, the NPWS appear to be ahead in reducing the area of potential koala habitat.


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