Hot burning koala habitat

Having informed the OE&H about the presence of a breeding koala in Mumbulla SF, today and coinciding with the first total fire ban declaration, the NPWS are burning along the northern edge of Gulaga National Park.

According to NPWS regional manager Tim Shepard, they have decided there are no koalas in the area and despite the very dry conditions, it’s OK to burn it. The AKF’s Deborah Tabbart expressed her gratitude that they have at least undertaken surveys although no information is available on the surveys, so it’s necessary to trust the NPWS.

The reality is that this burning is all about boosting the area burned to make the NPWS look good in their pathetic competition with FNSW to demonstrate who is doing more to protect the community from wildfires.

The weather bureau are predicting wind gusts of up to 100km an hour today and the notion that any fire could be controlled under such conditions is ridiculous, so I guess if they haven’t put it out,  one can only hope a miracle occurs and the fire doesn’t get out of control and escape, like the last one.

Bega Shire Greens councilor Keith Hughes represents the SERCA/NCC on the Biamanga Management board and by coincidence the Greens election flyer for the upcoming council elections suggests the additional candidate, Jamie Shaw, retired from the NPWS after being injured in a wildfire.

The fact is that Jamie Shaw was severely burned when yet another ‘controlled fuel reduction burn’ in National Park went out of control.



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