Mum and bub koala sighted in Mumbulla SF

Around 1pm today a koala with a joey on her back was sighted walking along a private property access road in Mumbulla State Forest. Koala sightings don’t occur very often and it’s a very lucky person, on you Jan, who sees a mother with a joey.

The sighting was on the north-western edge of the logging exclusion area, along the exclosure fence that still has open sections and it’s understood the koala went into the exclosure area.

Like the koala evidence in Tanja SF, if an area was to be excluded from logging around the area of this sighting, the 2,800 ha that the OE&H and Forests NSW have agreed is ‘core’ koala habitat would have to be modified.

At least when I inform the OE&H, after hopefully confirming the presence of a breeding female koala tomorrow, it won’t be necessary to rely on their idea of ‘what can we log’ at a local scale and make the whole notion of more logging in these forests more difficult.

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  1. Lynne said:

    how very exciting xxx

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