Swift(ie) Parrots and Min(o/e)r prescriptions

Today’s Narooma News reports on surveys undertaken by the Eurobodalla Natural History Society suggesting up to a thousand Federally endangered Swift Parrots have been discovered in Bodalla SF.

The Threatened Species Licence for the Southern Region, in which Bodalla SF is located states – “Where a Swift Parrot or Regent Honeyeater is observed feeding, the tree in which it is feeding must be retained.”

Previous reports suggest the parrots have been working their way down the coast over the past few months, feeding on flowering Spotted Gums (C. maculata) and their numbers have grown into a flock accounting for half of the remaining population.

Speaking on the issue on ABC radio NSW Office of Environment and Heritage Biodiversity Conservation Manager Mike Saxon referred to ‘Miners’ as another species that bird-watchers could also see in Bodalla SF that, like the Swift Parrot also eat psyllids and lerps.

While there is some uncertainty about whether Swift Parrots do feed in areas occupied by Bell-miners, it is likely that there are many more than 1,000 Bell-miners in Bodalla SF and also likely that FNSW have not been out diligently marking every tree that Swift Parrots have been feeding in.

So it’s difficult to escape the conclusion that Swift Parrots won’t be more threatened by the OE&H approving more logging in Bodalla SF and the areas used by the parrots are also probably affected by Dieback Associated with Dry weather and Drought, another threat the OE&H prefer to ignore and subject of the next post.


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