Koala evidence found – Tanja logging off

Some good news today with the NPWS’s Mike Saxton confirming on ABC radio that evidence of a koala has been found in the Tanja compartments, recently approved for logging.

It’s unlikely much detail will be released, the exact location for example although as they were using a 1 kilometer grid luck would seem to have played a large part in the find. Assuming the survey plots are on the same grid as those in Mumbulla SF, only four 1 kilometer grid points land in the compartments, three of which are in Cpt 2102 and just one in 2104.

Saxton talked about how close the area is to forest-red gums growing on private land and that this proximity somehow augured well for their project to replant trees. One could ask why planted trees would be used by koalas when those currently in-situ aren’t but, Mike doesn’t respond to information requests, especially from the ‘doubters’.

According to a report in the Bega District News quoting  FNSW – “These additional surveys by OEH are in progress in compartments 2102 and 2104 with some evidence of koalas detected,” the spokesperson said. “Following completion of the survey, Forests NSW, EPA and OEH will discuss appropriate protection of koalas in the Tanja compartments. “Timber harvesting will not commence until that consultation has occurred.”

Even though they don’t know much about koalas, It’s great that they are consulting with each other and I expect the $1.9million helps, although it does seem a bit odd that only last Friday FNSW were saying there were definitely no koalas – funny how things can change so quickly.







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