Koala con and AKF proposals

Last week the Narooma News printed a story on the ‘koala recovery’ and because it’s good not to let things get too far out of hand, this week they kindly printed a letter on the issue. I suggest, amongst other things, that koala officer Chris Allen’s recurring claims about recovering koalas ‘ borders on deliberate deception’ and the NSW Government’s proposals for the $5.6 million recieved from the Biodiversity fund are a confidence trick.

Further to this theme the Australian Koala Foundation has recently indicated  “The National Koala Conservation Strategy has identified that there should be a standardised mapping approach and Mr. Dave Mitchell over the coming months is going to produce for the AKF and for the Australian public a list of trees that we believe constitute Koala Habitat throughout the Koala’s entire range.”

So I’ve also written to the AKF attempting to point out that the use of trees to define koala habitat does not apply in this Bioregion and the fact that the last koalas occupy only 1.5% of the SECB and only one fifth of forests on the Murrah soil landscape that covers 6% of the SECB.

There seems no doubt that the use of trees to define koala habitat is the most suitable outcome for the NSW Government and the logging industry.

SERCA has belately decided that Tanja SF has something to do with koalas, so it will be interesting to see if they challange the use of trees to define koala habitat, used in the NSW recovery plan, as part of their efforts to understand relevant aspects of Ecologically Sustainable Forest Management, while supporting those in the community who are opposed to logging.



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