Koala habitat & Tanja logging

Further to defining koala habitat, I’ve put some comments on the ABC’s Logging in the South east EPA segment and forwarded the following to some involved in the Save Tanja Forest efforts

Although precedence is given to logging before anything else, the attached map  illustrates known and potential koala habitat, from Tathra to Bermagui, as defined by the Murrah soil landscape.

There is of course, no reference to this fact in the recently approved logging plan for Cpts 2102 and 2104 in Tanja SF (2.4 Mb), because the EPA don’t require it, but there are some other notable features, particularly when compared to the last HP for Cpt 2102, prepared and approved by (acting) District Forester Matt Potter on 20 October 1993.

Things were much simpler back then and some 99% of the area to be logged, now cpe 13, was described as being ‘Forest type’ 123, Coastal Stringybark.  Among other uncertainties, like the new stream crossing where the watercourse and filter-strip have been deleted, the new HP suggests there are now six forest types in this coupe and there’s no Coastal Stringybark. 

Hence, using soil landscapes to define known and potential koala habitat provides some certainty, because whether it is FNSW’s logging types or the OE&H’s forest ecosystems, both suffer from a lack of validation.











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