Biamanga management and EPA compliance

With further pressure coming from Markets For Change about logging of koala habitat in Boambee State Forest near Coffs Harbour, there is an increasing importance on agreement about how one defines koala habitat. Speaking on the issue Dr Steve Phillips of Biolink, indicated koala habitat is related to soil fertility and landform.

Locally, news reports suggest the Biamanga Board of Management have drafted a management plan for the area and ABC Southeast radio has released their latest report on Logging the South East Forests – Part 8 – EPA: regulating compliance – undertaken in Boyne and Mogo State Forests.

All of the ‘core’ koala habitat areas temporarily excluded from logging are either directly adjacent to, or linked to Biamanga NP and while one expects logging will be excluded from the Biamanga management plan, there is also the burning issue and the as yet unseen protocol for conducting hazard reduction burning in koala habitat in the park.

Of course history tells us Aboriginals undertook burning in forest ecosystems where the ground cover is/was grass as opposed to forests with a shrubby understorey.

There are no ‘grassy’ forest ecosystems in Biamanga although there was a small area of the endangered Bega Dry grass forest in the south west corner of Cpt 2069 in Bermagui SF, prior to non-compliant logging last year.


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