Sustaining the unsustainable

As a result of the NSW Auditor General’s Performance Audit (2009) titled “Sustaining Native Forest Operations”, Forests NSW were required to undertake and publicly report on a review of yield estimates for the Eden, South coast and Tumut regions

Recently released, the review of Yield Forecasts for Eden (PDF, 4.4Mb) suggests they have 133,700 m³ of sawlogs remaining to last the final seven years of the RFA’s. This figure is said to be based on areas logged up till June 2011 although of the seven compartments logged in Mumbulla and Bermagui SF since 2009 only one, Cpt 2001 in Bermagui, is indicated as being logged in their ‘Eden Region Forest Structure’ map.

However, removing the  660 ha logged around here leaves them with only 18,000 m³ of sawlogs per year for the rest of the RFA. This volume is before accounting for the apparent errors and omissions in the (most recent) logging history, the significant reduction in ‘Net Harvest Area’ (8%), dieback and sawlogs, few though they may be, in the koala exclusion areas.

What is apparent is that the remaining sawlog resource is spread all across the Eden region. It seems likely that the money given to FNSW to find other sawlogs will be used to help cover the costs involved with logging the hundreds of small patches of trees required to sustain the industry.


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