Bermagui bioblitz

On March 30 and 31 the Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness (ALCW) will be undertaking what they call a “bioblitz” around a small area of coast, the Bermagui River and Bermagui State Forest. According to the ALWC ” . . . The emphasis will be on observing biodiversity and identifying invasive species, and noting the impact of environmental change on habitat and species.”

Others involved in the bioblitz include the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service, Bega Valley Shire Council, Southern Rivers Catchment Management Authority etc.

The area to be bioblitzed in Bermagui SF, part of Compartment 2005, was ‘thinned’ in 2008 and prior to that was home to the radio-collared and tracked koala named ‘Alan’. The ALCW describe the area as having ‘Spottygum forest and rainforest’ and along with reference to information the NSW government is yet to release, the koala page on the ALCW website suggests the surveys  ” . . . will build on the work which has been going on for many years, to survey populations of Koalas in our region.”

There were some 32 koala survey plots undertaken in Cpt 2005 prior to thinning and if FNSW decide that regeneration has been poor they could schedule Cpt 2005 for integrated logging next year, to improve regrowth.

Perhaps coincidently, issues around formal ways to describe forests and probable reasons for poor regrowth, explaining why there is only one known small koala population in the bio-region, formed part of the most recent lengthy complaint to the EPA, about logging in East Boyd SF, south of Eden.

From that perspective, if the NPWS were fair dinkum about helping koalas, they would re-survey the plots in Cpt 2005 to prove that they did have, as they suggest, a  ‘standardised, consistent and repeatable search method in southeastern NSW’, that did enable, ‘comparative analyses of data gathered from within and between study areas.’


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