Koalas and a National Forest Standard

The implications of the recent wet weather, over 400 millimetres in a couple of weeks, provides a good example of why the conservation movement has little to say about koalas.

After part of the Snowy Mountains Highway slipped down Brown Mountain, again, Greens Councillor Keith Hughes complained about log trucks using an alternate route via Mount Darrah. South East Fibre Exports and Forests NSW quickly refuted the claim.

If Cr. Hughes had a better understanding of the environment he would be able to associate the mass movement on Brown Mtn with soil dispersion and one of the threats to koalas, dieback.

To be fair, this poor understanding of environmental science is not limited to conservationists on the south coast of NSW. Federal independent member for Lyne, Rob Oakeshot provided a response, a letter he sent to other MP’s but didn’t answer the question about dieback.

It seems such questions are also not asked by the North East Forest Alliance, who, like SERCA, also focus on the native forest logging industry.

Oakeshot’s motion on forest waste came from a report that also recommended the Forest Stewardship Council be funded to develop a National Forest Standard. This recommendation makes it imperative for conservation groups take an environmental approach. Should this not occur it seems likely that current FSC certification, as found in the Strzeleckis,  will enable business as usual.



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