Advancing koala science

Forests NSW are currently logging Cpt 968 in Yurammie State Forest. Being the only other forest that has/had koalas outside the catchments from Dignams to Wapengo, all of Yurammie should be seen as Class A koala habitat, not to be logged.

Naturally it takes community support to ensure that the recommendations of the Far South Coast Koala Management Framework are founded on credible science and implemented by the NSW Government. Unfortunately the local group Yurangalo (Inc) a member group of SERCA, have said nothing about the logging.

Closer to home the NPWS are planning another big ‘prescribed burn’ in Mimosa Rocks NP, this time around Araganu, also Class A koala habitat. As with the big hot burn in Biamanga NP, it seems unlikely that SERCA will be concerned.

However, what does seem likely is that Environment Minister Burke’s upcoming announcement will work to highlight the differences between those who do and those who remain unable or unwilling, to support and advance the science required to protect koalas.





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