Insane management – another ongoing threat to koalas

A couple of weeks ago in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald the proposed plan to save the Murray-Darling was rejected by the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists.

The Chairman of the Murray-Darling Authority, Craig Knowles is quoted as saying  “the views of the Wentworth Group are well-known. As with other groups with diametrically opposed opinions on the draft, all views will be considered as part of the consultation period”

Craig Knowles is also one of the politicians responsible for the Regional Forest Agreements and the way land and water are currently managed in NSW.

The Environment Protection Authorities, Acting Director South, Nigel Sargent has recently responded to questions about implementing the Far South Coast Koala Management Framework (FSCKMF), sent to the NSW Minister for the Environment Robyn Parker on 1 November 2011.

According to Mr Sargent’s response and amongst other things, he indicates “The EPA is in ongoing discussions with Forests NSW regarding the revision of koala prescriptions” and if they agree amendments will be made to the IFOA.

Unfortunately the question of whether the EPA (?) has defined ‘koala habitat classes’ is not referred to. The FSCKMF recommends three classes of koala habitat, Class A where there is no loss of habitat quality or quantity and the areas are maintained and improved. Ideally, Class A habitat would include catchments from Dignams to Wapengo and extend through to forests around Yurammie. Class B, that may have koalas again in 50 years, is to be maintained and improved.

The suggestion that they will try to develop prescriptions is unacceptable and strong evidence that they cannot be trusted comes from a recent logging plan (PDF 3.76Mb) for Class B koala habitat in Nullica State Forest. Some comments on the plan (PDF 1.01 Mb) have been cobbled together.


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